It’s all about music… the songs that turn people on, drive music careers and make the music business such a great part of people’s lives. ParMusic Group, headed by former broadcaster Norm Daniels, is uniquely positioned to find new songs and songwriters that can make a difference. Experience as a major-market disc jockey, programmer and multi-market manager gives a unique perspective to music publishing.

And then: another unique difference. Through an exclusive affiliation with, the Nashville songwriter services company, ParMusic Group is able to find new music and new songwriters from around the world that other music publishing companies stopped listening to years ago. Thousands of songwriters from every corner of the world depend on ParamountSong for demos, newsletters, career advice, help with finding co-writers and solutions to dozens of problems they face daily. The best of the best among those writers are referred to ParMusic Group. So we can make their songs available to professionals looking for songs to record.

Bottom line: ParMusic has the best of both ends of the music business. The front end, where songs are born. And in-depth experience at the back end, radio, where music meets the people who will love or hate it, make it or break it. Both ends are critical to the music selection process.


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