Some samples of songs from ParMusic Group. You know the drill. It’s almost impossible to pick a few songs from a catalog and say this is us. But we’ll do a few anyway. For your entertainment if nothing else. After all, you are on a music site.

First, a few from established songwriters, Monty Holmes, Craig Martin and Aaron Boswell. Monty is an old hand at the business with a ton of cuts, including one that made it to George Strait’s “50 Number Ones” album. Craig is best known for his number one on Tim McGraw, “Don’t Take the Girl.” Aaron is a former Curb recording artist. His recording deal didn’t last, but he sure has written some songs that could be lasting.

Listen to MP3 All I Can Do Is Love YouMonty Holmes, Greg Perkins
Listen to MP3 Mine All MineCraig Martin
Listen to MP3 Happy LandingsAaron Boswell, Chuck Krumel

And here are a couple of our emerging songwriters. First, – a beginning songwriter from North Carolina. This is the first song she sent in, her first to be published.

Listen to MP3 The Work Undone At HomeJudy Peterson

Then there’s Tom Rooney, an emerging songwriter we've worked with for years.

Listen to MP3 Coulda Shoulda WouldaTom Rooney, Billy Anderson

And, as they say. There’s plenty more where that came from.

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